Chinese Medicine & Mental/Emotional Health

Handling Day-To-Day Stress

Maybe it feels like overwhelm, exhaustion, and/or never-ending tasks. Maybe it feels like there is not enough time in the day. Maybe it feels like "ugh! what about me and time for me!" Maybe its the boss, the husband (or wife), the kids, or simply the expectations!

Our lives can sometimes come at us at a pace in which feels like we may never catch up. Our to-do lists and honey-do lists can get longer by the day. Society says "suck it up cupcake", "fake it till you make it" or "head down and power through."

What if there was another way? Stress may be a “norm” in our lives, however the way we handle that stress does not have to take its toll. It would be disingenuous to say that we, as practitioners, can make your stressful life or stressful situations go away, however we are able to support you and help you feel more secure in how you handle and process those moments as they arise. This is where our work and experience can be helpful!

Life's Transitions

The transitions in our lives come in many varieties and can be impactful to our lives and ultimately our health. What may seem routine for one person can cause disruption or upset for another. Something that seems as simple as settling in after a new and "exciting" move for one person, is "letting go of" and leaving comfort for another. With regard to the effect on mental/emotional health Life's Transitions are one area in which a lot of our patients find their way into us. Whether you are moving into a new home, town, or just entering a new phase of your life, they all have an effect on our routines.

Whether it is a career change, taking those first steps as new parents (moms) in welcoming a new baby, high school graduates heading off to college or college graduates heading out to embark on their new life, all of this can be very exciting but at the same time bring with it an undercurrent of various emotions.  It is perfectly normal and acceptable to welcome these exciting transitions and also have some fear, worry, anxiety &/or uneasiness around them. This is where our work and experience can be helpful!

Anxiety / Depression

Whether you have been clinically diagnosed with anxiety or depression, or you are someone who recognizes anxiousness and/or feelings of depression in your life, we can help. A diagnosis, or lack of diagnosis, does not change our truths around how we experience ourselves in the world and/or that desire within that wishes that we felt differently. Depression and/or anxiety are broad terms that can mean different things to different people. The beauty of our individualized approach is that our goal is to treat you, the person, and your own unique experience.

Maybe the ‘disconnect’ or the ‘un-ease’ can be traced to its source, or maybe there was a specific event that occurred that has led you here. Often time people find their way in due to “not feeling like themselves” or from an overall sense within us that simply feels like the joy is missing from life. Our work is NOT about a magical or mystical solution, it’s about helping you find a path forward that does not involve simply masking your symptoms. This is where our work and experience can be helpful!


While we are unable to give specific direction with regard to medications prescribed by your MD. We are able to work in conjunction with your MD supporting those who wish to transition off their currently prescribed regimen. We have had great success with helping patients find peace and freedom absent of their medications and the side effects that come with them.

Living a Purposeful Life

One thing that seems to surprise a lot of our patients when we begin doing our work together is the amount of change that begins to unfold in their lives. This is true even when we are doing the physical work with a patient. In fact, many of our patients who find their way in for the physical symptoms stay around once their symptoms subside because of how good they feel overall. Bringing the system back into balance, or harmony, alleviates the physical symptoms by freeing up areas of ‘stuckness’ in the body. Creating this movement is also beneficial with regard to the life work, and our ability to recognize other manifestations of ‘stuckness’ in our lives.

Are there areas of your life that you feel ‘stuck’? Do you find yourself at a place in life that feels mundane? Or routine? Is work, home, or life beginning to feel like you are simply going through the motions? Are you between jobs? Maybe you are a parent who just sent your child off to college for the first time and are wondering ‘what now’? Maybe you are a caregiver that has spent your life taking care of others, and has started to contemplate what life looks like when it’s time to think about self.

These are just a few scenarios we see within our clinic on a regular basis. These stories and searches for a sense of self and a sense of purpose show up in a wide variety, each with their own flavor. Our work, our approach and guidance allows the space for individuals to come and ask those questions of themselves, find comfort in not having the exact answers while giving themselves permission to explore what is possible. The beauty of authentic Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture reveals itself in this work!