Chinese Medicine & Trauma Recovery

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Healing the Disconnect...

"I just haven't been the same since..."

One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned in doing this work with our patients, is that it is impossible to “define” trauma as a broad concept; trauma is much more complex than simply words put on a paper, to the individual that has (or is currently) gone through it.  Our experience and work within the realm of mental-emotional health has taught us that trauma, and/or a need for mental-emotional support, shows up differently for each individual. 

Our experience is what we offer; a deepened perspective of Chinese Medicine which is as unique as our approach, a perspective that is valuable and effective in this type of work. Our team is as compassionate as they are talented, with an ability to show up, hold/create a space, absent of judgement of you &/or your experiences. A team with a vast understanding and dedication to holding a vision of who you are in health and helping you find your way to “feel” whole again.

While, today, it has become cliché to say we “provide stress relief” (YES we do that too!), our work within this aspect of our medicine, goes much deeper than that…

Returning Current is not a one size fits all program. Over the years, our work has allowed us to be able to help people from all walks of life: whether it was someone battling/dealing with anxiety or depression, to someone experiencing grief from the loss of a loved on. Through our unique approach and practice of Chinese Medicine, we have been able to help countless others find a new sense of normalcy as they work through their PTSD, their fears, their worries, etc... 

We have been able to help individuals and survivors who have/are overcoming the weight, the burden and the constraints of their stories and experiences. Within these stories are a history of domestic violence, human trafficking and various forms of abuse: psychological, physical &/or sexual.  We also work closely alongside many of our active duty military, their families and veterans who have returned home and are re-adjusting to civilian life.

The beauty of our medicine is its ability to heal the places within each of us that have been weighed down by life’s experiences. What we offer is an ability to take each patient’s unique experience and examine it through the lenses of Classical Chinese medicine and Five Element acupuncture. This is the work we are passionate about; this is the work that we do!